The guide enables side-by-side comparison of critical equity derivatives issues across key jurisdictions.

By Rafal Gawlowski

The past several years emphasized the growing importance of strategic equity solutions as part of corporate finance advisory services for both listed issuers and their controlling shareholders. Strategic equity solutions include a range of equity derivatives products, such as capital-raising, equity-linked products; structured share buy-back and share accumulation and disposal products; and hedging and monetization products.

Interestingly, the pandemic highlighted the continued demand for sophisticated methods of capital raising, balance sheet management, and hedging solutions, all of which utilize strategic equity solutions. That trend continued until the 2022 downturn in global equity markets. The eighth edition of the Equity Derivatives volume in the Lexology Getting the Deal Through series aims to survey the equity derivatives landscape in key jurisdictions around the world and highlight the critical issues that practitioners and market participants should be aware of.

This reference guide enables side-by-side comparison of local insights into equity derivatives issues, including market structure; typical over-the-counter equity derivatives; borrowing, selling, and repurchasing shares; applicable laws and regulations for dealers and eligible counterparties; securities registration issues; bankruptcy and insolvency risks and rules; reporting obligations; restricted periods and insider trading rules; tax issues; transaction liability regimes; stock exchange filings; typical document types; legal opinions; hedging activities; regulatory authorities; clearing rules; collateral arrangements; territorial scope of regulations; registration and authorization requirements for market participants; and recent trends.

Latham & Watkins authored chapters covering the US, UK, France, Germany, and Hong Kong.

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