Following this spring’s shocks to the banking system, US, UK, and European regulators are considering whether existing regulatory and crisis management measures require reform and enhancement.

By David Berman, Nicola Higgs, Markus E. Krüger, Arthur S. Long, Rob Moulton, Axel Schiemann, Pia Naib, Ja Hyeon Park, Deric Behar, and Charlotte Collins

The spring of 2023 saw more dislocation in the global financial sector than any time since the 2008-09 financial crisis.

In the US, banking institutions with over $500 billion in total assets failed, and other banks that were publicly traded saw their share prices come under significant pressure, leading to intervention by the authorities. In Europe, Swiss regulators undertook similar measures.

The rapidity of these failures came as a surprise to both regulators and the general public. With instability not fully subsiding, US, UK, and European regulators have begun to consider how to calibrate their supervisory regimes in response.

In this report, Latham lawyers examine the measures being considered by regulators in these jurisdictions.

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