A new Latham & Watkins guide examines the recent increase in whistleblowing and poses self-assessment questions against which firms can benchmark themselves.

By David Berman, Andrea Monks, Nell Perks, Nathan H. Seltzer, Becky Critchley, and Charlie Bowden

Many sectors, including financial services, have encountered a discernible increase in whistleblows in recent times — a trend that shows no signs of abating. Indeed, some whistleblowers have seen fit to publicise their concerns in the press and/or share them with the Regulator — often due to a frustration that their issues were not addressed satisfactorily (or at all) when raised internally.

This guide identifies the recurrent themes and common drivers that underlie many whistleblowing incidents in the financial services sector. It also offers practical insights and observations, together with thought-provoking questions — with the overarching objective of helping organisations prevent the underlying circumstances that commonly serve as whistleblow catalysts.

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